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About Lippincott Supply Co., Inc.

We are a local, four generations, family owned company and have provided our customers with fasteners since 1948.

Our location and extensive inventory makes it possible for us to offer the best prices and exceptional order fill rate.

Our fast turnaround and easy access for special orders which includes being able to "Will Call" (even for "your" customers) and special deliveries is what our customers deserve and have learned to expect and appreciate.

? We are proud of our long and trusted relationship as a Wholesaler and Master Importer Distributor of Threaded Fasteners for almost 35 years and look forward to providing our products and services to you for many more years to come.

Lippincott Supply will soon celebrate being in business for 70 years and being solely family owned operated by four generations of the Lippincott family.  Lippincott Supply Company was started in 1948 by Roger Lippincott with surplus screws and bolts that he bought from the Benicia Arsenal after World War II. He purchased 10 acres of land with a Quonset Hut along old Highway 40. In the early 50's construction began on I-80 and the old building and several acres were purchased by Caltrans to make way for the new freeway.

In 1953 our present building was erected, and in 1995 a large addition was added. In the late 70's he sold the business to his daughter, Linda, and his Grandson, John Kent and in 1984 he retired from the business. In 1989 Lippincott Supply Co. incorporated and concentrated on the wholesale distribution of fasteners.  In 1994, John added a new section to building and more than doubled the size of the warehouse.   Linda Lippincott Kent retired from the business in 1995.  About that time John started importing Goods from Taiwan, China and India making Lippincott Supply a Master Distributor of Threaded Fasteners.    Now John is training his son David to take over the reins in the future.

Last update: Febuary 14th, 2017

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