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Our FastenMaster Line

  HeadLok HeadLok_packaging
The HeadLok is a heavy-duty wood screw that does it all and won’t countersink. The HeadLok offers higher design shear than 3/8” lag screws--and no predrilling is needed!
• Stronger design shear values than 3/8" Lags.
• Sharp gimlet point for fast installation into wood and OSB.
• Aggressive thread for holding and withdrawal strength.
• Chamfer under head for increased strength.
• Variety of lengths to match wide range of applications.
• Wafer head eliminates need for washer and offers dramatically increased pull-through strength.
• Free Spider Drive bit in every package.
  LedgerLok ledgerlok_packaging
The first fastener engineered to attach deck ledgerboards to a wooden house structure with no predrilling
• Stronger design shear values than 1/2" lags.
• IBC/IRC Code Compliant ESR# 1078.
• Built-in washer head design eliminates the need for additional washer.
• Proprietary three-step coating process protects against corrosion, even in pressure-treated wood.
• Free 5/16" driver bit in every package.
• ACQ-approved.
• NOTE: Not designed for use in masonry or concrete.
  TimberLok TimberLok_packaging
The TimberLok replaces 3/8" lag screws and enables you to complete wood-to-wood projects faster, easier, and stronger.
• Stronger design shear values than 3/8" lags.
• Nationally recognized testing and code approvals.
• Sharp point and aggressive thread penetrate the densest woods without predrilling.
• Unique tapered head countersinks easily into wood for flush appearance.
• Variety of lengths, from 2 1/2" to 10", to match every application.
• Proprietary three-step coating process protects against corrosion, even in pressure-treated wood.
• ACQ-Approved.
• Free bit in every package.
  TrussLok TrussLok_packaging
Engineered for multi-ply LVL, LSL, and PSL applications.
• No predrilling! Faster and easier than through-bolts.
• Approved for single-sided installation, unlike nails and other screws of similar diameter that need to be installed from both sides.
• Higher side-load capacity with fewer fasteners saves time and labor.
• Correct thread length for engineered lumber--no board jacking.
• Prevents gapping or cupping between plies, which can occur in nailed applications.
• Winged-point modified thread design and anti-friction coating combine to significantly reduce installation torque.
• Specified by Trus Joistฎ, Boiseฎ, GPฎ, and other leading wood manufacturers.
• Free hex-head driver bit in every package.
  Cortex Cortex_packaging
Set the screw. Set the plug. You’re all set! Available for use with market-leading composite and PVC deck boards.
• Fast and Easy: The deck boards are fastened in the same way as a traditional deck.
• Strong Connection: A through-fastened deck offers the highest level of board-to-joist connection and deck racking strength.
• Cost-Effective: Less expensive than virtually any other hidden fastening system.
• Fully Tested: All Cortex components have been fully tested and are guaranteed.
Last update: Febuary 15th, 2017